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Burn Box & Solid Waste Management

Summit Burn Boxes

Our burn boxes are designed for the unique demands of rural Alaska.
  • Heavy duty materials and construction
  • No electricity or fuel needed
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to empty with common heavy equipment
  • Reduces trash volume by 80%
Each burn box is built with inch thick plate steel walls that reflect heat back into the fire while blocking excess wind. This maintains a hotter and more efficient flame than an open pit fire, reducing trash to a small ash pile. Vents located in the sloping sidewalls of the Burn Box provide a steady supply of makeup air to feed the fire. No forced air or fuel is needed. And because our Burn Boxes maintain higher temperatures than an open pit fire, smoke emissions and fly ash are reduced.

Burn Boxes can be factory assembled in Alaska as a complete package and shipped to the community, or sent as a knock-down unit and field assembled on-site.

Our two most common models are the #10, used for hub communities of 700 or more people and the #7 for smaller villages. Custom burn boxes can also be constructed to meet the individual needs of your village or camp.

The photos below depict a Model #10 and the smaller Model #7 Burn Box

Model #10:

Model #7:

For more information, contact Dave Lancaster in the Summit Anchorage office at (907) 563-5675.

Dimensions Capacity Drivable Width Target Community Population
Model #10 Length: 20 ft
Width: 17 ft
Height: 10 ft
40 cubic yards 10 ft Greater than 700 People
Model #7 Length: 15 ft
Width: 17 ft
Height: 10 ft
30 cubic yards 10 ft 200 - 700 People
Model #5 Length: 10 ft
Width: 17 ft
Height: 10 ft
20 cubic yards 10 ft Less than 200 People & Camps

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